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Vaginal Revitalization

After menopause, symptoms of vaginal dryness and thinning of tissue can have a negative impact on health and quality of life, resulting in painful intercourse, burning, and urinary symptoms such as frequency and recurring urinary tract infections.

Until recently only hormonal treatments using estrogens or an oral medication called Osphena had any significant chance of improving those symptoms. Women unable or unwilling to use those medications could opt only for moisturizers, with little hope of success.

Recently, a new non-hormonal, minimally invasive treatment was developed to improve the health and elasticity of the vagina using a specially designed CO2 fractional laser, which stimulates the regrowth of collagen in the vaginal wall and returns the vaginal tissue to a premenopausal state. Studies from Europe and the US have shown significant improvement in symptoms which may begin as early as a few weeks after the first treatment. It is usually done in 3 sessions 6 weeks apart, and typically results in significant or complete relief of symptoms. After one year, another treatment is usually needed. Treatment takes about 5 minutes, with minimal to no discomfort. There is no cutting of tissue and no prolonged recovery.

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