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Hormonal changes, whether from menopause or childbirth, cause a number of symptoms, including vaginal dryness, which may lead to painful intercourse. A women’s health and urogynecology expert, Linda Kiley, MD, at the Palm Beach Center for Pelvic Health, in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, offer vaginal rejuvenation with MonaLisa Touch®, a minimally invasive treatment that restores vaginal health to reduce discomfort. MonaLisa Touch® can also be used to treat some types of urinary incontinence. For information or to start treatment, call the office to schedule an appointment.

MonaLisa Touch® Q & A

What is MonaLisa Touch?

MonaLisa Touch is a painless and minimally invasive treatment for vaginal revitalization. The advanced laser treatment gently acts on your vaginal tissue to stimulate the production of collagen, which is a protein that makes your vaginal walls strong and flexible, to improve function and health.  MonaLisa Touch® can also help treat some types of urinary incontinence.

Am I a good candidate for MonaLisa Touch®?

If you’re experiencing vaginal changes because of fluctuations in hormone levels, whether from menopause, childbirth, or treatment for cancer, you may be a good candidate for MonaLisa Touch.

Common symptoms that may indicate vaginal changes include:

  • Dryness, pain, and itching
  • Painful intercourse
  • Vaginal looseness, also referred to as laxity
  • Mild urinary incontinence

As a women’s health expert, Dr. Linda Kiley will review your symptoms and work with you to determine if MonaLisa Touch makes the best choice.

How does MonaLisa Touch work?

The laser treatment gently injures your vaginal tissue to stimulate the production of collagen. This not only helps improve the tone of your vaginal walls, but also restores vaginal pH to reduce risk of infection and improves lubrication for better overall health.

What can I expect during treatment?

Treatment with MonaLisa Touch is painless, but you may feel a light vibration as the laser stimulates your vaginal tissue. During treatment, the practitioner inserts the MonaLisa Touch probe gently into your vagina, ensuring the laser touches all of your vaginal walls.

The in-office procedure takes about 5 minutes, although a topical anesthetic is placed on the outside to reduce any discomfort that may occur with treatment of the labia or outer vagina.  For best results, we recommend 3 treatment set at 6 week intervals, with one treatment per year thereafter for maintenance.

What happens after treatment?

Though there’s no downtime following treatment with MonaLisa Touch, you need to avoid inserting anything in your vagina for up to four days after treatment to allow the tissue to heal and will need to refrain from sexual intercourse.

You should see a difference beginning about 2 weeks following therapy, results should last about a year.

To start MonaLisa Touch, call us at 561-701-2841 to schedule an appointment.